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Dog Sitter Daycare Wanted Kent

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Negotiable
Posted On: 28th November 2021
Applications Close: 10th December 2021  Closes Soon!

Details: looking for a local dog lover to look after our dog a couple of times a month occasionally overnight
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Dog Walker Sitter Daycare Wanted Cheshire

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £ Negotiable
Posted On: 17th November 2021
Applications Close: 17th December 2021 

Details: I am looking to go back to work three days a week and would like someone ideally to look after my...
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Dog Walker Wanted Nottinghamshire

No. of Applicants: 1
Pay: £ Negotiable
Posted On: 16th November 2021
Applications Close: 1st January 2022 

Details: A major change in lifestyle recently means I need someone that can walk my 4 border collies, 2 or 3...
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Dog Walker Wanted West Yorkshire

No. of Applicants: 0 - Be the FIRST TO APPLY!
Pay: £10visit/walk
Posted On: 16th November 2021
Applications Close: 15th December 2021 

Details: Hello. Ben is approximately 6 years old and came to be with us earlier this yea from a rescue...
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Closes Today

Dog Walker Wanted Nottinghamshire

No. of Applicants: 1
Pay: £10-12visit/walk
Posted On: 16th November 2021
Applications Close: 8th December 2021  Closes Today

Details: Hi there. We need a dog walker for Clarkson (the kids named him!). He is a spritely little...
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Dog Walking Services

Dog walking services are much in demand today, when most people do not have enough time to look after their pets 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We, at Dog Walking Now, understand this and endeavour to make it easy for the owners. An online directory of dog walkers and dog sitters across the UK, we assist the owners to get the perfect walkers/sitters for their pets. We also provide the latest job openings for the walkers/sitters and help them promote their businesses.

From dog walkers Manchester and dog walkers Cardiff to a dog walker in London, we represent one and all. For people into dog sitting business, the prospects cannot get any better.

Dog walkers/sitters in the UK can register themselves with us and apply to all the dog walking work posted directly on this site. They can also showcase their skills before the people wanting the best dog walking services.

Dog owners can search through the profiles of the dog walkers/sitters and select them depending upon the geographic locales in which they function, their previous experience with different breeds, and the costs of the services.

Our services have been motivated from love and respect for all dogs and their owners. We cater to two different groups of clientèle – the dog owners and the dog sitters/walkers – in the best way we can. We take care that the environments are completely safe and loving for the pets. We also make it easy for first time sitters/walkers to position themselves in the market and get dog walker jobs and dog sitting jobs according to their capabilities.

With us, you can get the exact dog walking services that you are looking for. You can get to find dog walkers/sitters having extensive knowledge of dog behaviour and many years of hands on experience in caring for different breeds of dogs. You can also find tailored dog walking services being provided by people having relevant experience in training pets.

And if you are someone looking for dog walking jobs, you can become a member to our site and position yourself strategically before dog owners looking for the perfect dog walking services. We do not take any commission and you keep all that you are earning!

At Dog Walking Now we understand the bonds that exist between dogs and their owners and try and make these stronger.  The dog owners can make the most of our services to ensure that their pets are well looked after. With us, the owners are sure to find the best dog walking services at reasonable costs. Also, the people who love spending time with dogs, but do not own any, can know how to become a dog walker.

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"Today I walked my first dog, thanks to this site, a loverly boxer called Amber who loved her walk in the park and was very good. Hope I get a few more dogs soon. Gillian Liverpool"

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