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A bit of industry advice for newcomers!

Dog walking and sitting can be a fun, rewarding and profitable business/hobby but if you're new to it there's a few essential things you need to know. Below is just a few gems of advice, we recommend searching the net and doing some research to fully understand the business - just as you would if you were thinking of starting any other business.

General Rates of Pay

The rates of pay for dog walking/sitting varies depending on such things as the area you live in, your experience, professionalism, whether you're a company or an individual etc. Rates for walking generally start from around £10 an hour up to £20-25. For Dog Sitting these vary depending on whether it's in your home or theirs (a higher charge for their home as its also house sitting/ more inconvenient). This is your business so you dictate the prices, but be aware of competition and other factors to offer a good price and gain custom.

Do I only walk one dog at a time?

Again this is up to the individual walker to discuss with the owner. Some owners are happy for their dogs to socialise and make friends whilst others will prefer for their dog to be on their own. If you're new to this industry it might be best to start with just one dog to gain experience and then try increasing - but be careful to keep males and females apart, especially when in heat.

Be prepared when walking

Always carry poo bags with you to clear up after the dogs (this is the law), and maybe a spare lead/collar in case something happens to theirs. Treats are usually a good idea to get back the attention of a wandering dog!

Good Luck from the Dog Walking Now Team!

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Success Story

"Thanks once again to DWN I have 3 lovely dogs to walk on and ad hoc basis, they are a delight to walk and I look forward to the days I walk them"

- Bj Dog Walking Services -

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